The Secret Code

2017-01-23 10:36:47 by TheLeader532

the numbers are 543 666 and 999 for the game of ultimate stick fighting game packed

My Last News Post to 2016

2016-12-29 16:22:19 by TheLeader532

This is my last news post so i wont be here until 2 days now follow my instagram account https//

So In the library theres a new book called game on 2017 they have minecraft story mode clash royale mario maker and whats else dan the man which has the rating of 4.5 but clash royale has 4.1 that craft royale is ripping off clash royale But Dan the man has a frosty story 

It's only on next wednesday


Get It Now?

Dan The Man Available

2016-11-10 22:05:04 by TheLeader532

I have some few comments there's a new game called Dan The man it is Available on Google Play and on the I app store.

Google Play:

App Store:https//